Choose a CRM software that is intuitive, flexible, customizable, and easy to use

The InfoServ CRM Platform

With InfoServ platform you can build your own powerful solution that helps you manage key business processes and improves your productivity. Its flexibility and simplicity ease the deployment process and quickly makes it feel like your own CRM.

Unified Multi-channel Communication Platform

InfoServ CRM combines most commonly used business communication channels into one unified platform. At present our platform supports: in- and outbound phone calls, in- and outbound e-mails, web chat, as well as outbound phone calls initiated from InfoServ’s mobile app. InfoServ will automatically login your communication together with the voice recording of your phone calls, the content of your e-mail , the transcript of your web chat, or filled-in custom contact forms into your customers' profiles. Communicate directly from InfoServ CRM and you will never have to log communication history by hand again.


Be mobile and take your CRM with you on business trips, meeting, seminars, plane or when traveling by car. With InfoServ’s Android mobile app you can access your CRM via any Android smartphone regardless of working hours and location. Get real-time access to your prospect and customer database while on the go and respond to their calls and e-mails instantly. E-mail and call your customers directly from your CRM Mobile app and have the communication automatically logged into the customer’s profile. View and manage your task list and personalized calendar, receive instant e-mail and upcoming task notifications. Never miss a customer call or meeting.

Cloud Infrastructure

Take advantage of cloud infrastructure and service and benefit from:

  • Economies of scale – increase productivity with fewer people.
  • Reduced spending on technology infrastructure
  • Reduced capital costs (on hardware, software or licensing fees)
  • Improved accessibility - you have access to your CRM anytime, anywhere!
  • Increased infrastructure reliability and performance

Configure and customize; Request your own forms

Taylor your CRM solution to your precise business needs. Add as much data as you need to your InfoServ CRM by creating custom fields in your clients’ profiles and custom contacts (invoice, phone call, etc.) in your clients communication history The Point-and-Click development technology lets you create your own custom data fields without having to write a single line of code. And if a list of data fields is not good enough, request your own data forms and customer profile screens - provide the content and design, and let us do the job for you.

Analyze your data

Use our Standard Reports or create your own with InfoServ Report Generator

InfoServ CRM comes equipped with standard reports - Client Activity and Task Management Reports. In addition, you can satisfy your quench for analytics with personalized Dashboards and create your own reports with our user-friendly Report Generator Tool. Building custom reports with InfoServ Report Generator is done in 3 easy steps:

  • define the data to be analyzed using simple SQL-like statements in a user-friendly interface;
  • determine the report design (visible data in the report – columns and rows, as well as different views of a report);
  • fine-tune your report – rename data fields (the way you want them to appear in the report), change data format (e.g. numeric data to be in integers), use aggregate functions (count, sums, averages, minimum, maximum, etc.).

Once ready, the report is saved as template for easy future use. Use InfoServ Reporting to generate contact lists and add them into an e-mail campaign with ease.

Easy Integration

InfoServ CRM allows for robust integrations using various standard methods:

  • Import and Export - Acceptable formats for data import are txt, CSV, Excel, Access, and all kinds of OLEDB data sources. InfoServ CRM allows export into the following formats: txt, CSV, Excel, Access, and HTML. Both InfoServ Import and InfoServ Export allow the user to create an import/export template for future use.
  • Web integration - with this integration method your CRM users can open a web-based application or document directly from your CRM client's profile. The web call requests can be configured to pass client data available in InfoServ CRM to the external system (e.g., Client ID). It also provides your CRM users quick access (directly from the CRM client's profile) to documents like list of current discount products, price lists, product specifications, etc.
  • API Integration - the ability for a real-time client data integration with external non-web-based applications – other company software (ERP, Accounting, Billing etc.), using our API (Application Programming Interface).