"The only way to grow a successful business is by building a long-lasting relationship with your clients!"

eng. Stefan Jordanov
CEO, DAN electronic


CEO, Stefan Jordanov

InfoServ CRM is an initiative of DAN electronic Ltd., a privately-owned company with more than 30 years of history in building customer management software systems. The InfoServ CRM service is the final evolutionary stage of DAN electronic’s on premise Contact Center and CRM solutions. Our expertise ranges from Real Estate Management and Business & Accounting software, to developing proprietary communication technology, i.e., InfoServ®. DAN electronic has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Call Center Software Systems.

The reason behind our success!

Why choose DAN electronic’s products?

Commitment to Product Improvement

Our success is due to continues innovation, but our day-to-day accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without continuous improvement of product quality and reliability.

Devotion to Customer Satisfaction

We listen to our customer and what they have to say about our products. Many of our product improvements originate from a customer idea or inconvenience.

Customer Trust and Loyalty

A survey reveals that over 96% of customers who purchased an InfoServ system, eventually expand it.

Competitive Prices

We offer high end products at competitive prices.

The InfoServ CRM Advantages

Creating and maintaining superior customer relationships has never been easier with InfoServ CRM! With software functionalities which place customers at the center of the platform and transform every customer interaction into an exceptional experience, you can’t go wrong.

InfoServ Platform

Why InfoServ CRM?

Straightforward Simplicity

We simplify every business process as much as possible and provide businesses with the freedom to choose the level of complexity they want.

Intuitive and User-friendly Interface

We worked hard to come up with easy-to use platform and intuitive interface, so users won’t need to spend long hours in training.

Rich Functionality

We continuously work on improving our CRM products to include the features and functionality that today’s businesses demand!

Affordable Pricing

Our cloud infrastructure and no big up-front software investment, make InfoServ CRM appealing for small and medium-sized companies.


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