All-in-one helpdesk software with built-in Ticketing, CRM, & Call Center system

Helpdesk System and Ticketing Software from InfoServ CRM

Improve your customers satisfaction and keep your loyal customers by providing exceptional customer support. Equip your helpdesk team with ticketing system that’s feature-rich, easy to use, and helps them solve support tickets fast

What is Helpdesk Software?

Helpdesk Software from InfoServ CRM

Helpdesk software, sometimes referred to as Helpdesk system and Service Desk software, is a computer program, a software tool which integrates into one interface all client requests – requests for customer service, requests for assistance and support, or even complaints.

A good Helpdesk system accepts requests from multiple communication channels at once, opens tickets, distributes work between Helpdesk operators, tracks compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLA) and generally leads to faster and better customer service.

Application of Helpdesk systems

Customer Service

InfoServ Helpdesk - Customer Service

Process inquiries across multiple communication channels (email, phone, web chat) all in one platform.


InfoServ Helpdesk - Complaints handling

Register customer complaints, monitor and manage their timely processing and compliance with deadlines.

Customer Support

InfoServ Helpdesk - Customer Support

Process customer support requests quickly and efficiently, in compliance with the agreed SLA.

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Helpdesk solution from InfoServ CRM

Streamline communication across channels into one helpdesk system, keep track of customer requests, prioritize, communicate easily with customers and use automations to resolve customer tickets efficiently.

Multichannel Communication

Helpdesk System with Multichannel Communication

Support customers seamlessly across phone, email and web chat. Use InfoServ CRM’s unified platform to handle all customer interactions, all in the same helpdesk system. Easily capture and document customer issues and transform them into service tickets. Move away from your inbox by setting up triggers to automatically open support tickets. Respond to customers fast, regardless of what channels they write in on.

With integrated inbound and outbound calls, emails, and customer-initiated live chat, have all ticket-related communications along with voice recordings, chat transcripts, and email contents, right into your ticket for fast and easy access, and help your team ensure meaningful communication and fast ticket resolution.

Personalized customer service with built-in CRM

Customer Service with build-in CRM

Don’t just address customer tickets, connect with customers and solve their issues with a personal touch. Delight customers with fast personal answers to their support issues and requests. Thanks to the built-in CRM system and customer information available right into the ticket, your support team will be able to understand the customer better and provide contextual and personal service.

InfoServ CRM’s Helpdesk system works off a centralized customer relationship management (CRM) database and your customer support team has a 360-degree Customer Profile view at their disposal with the relevant customer context they need to provide faster, more accurate, and personalized responses, and ultimately improve the customer service experience.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management

InfoServ lets you define Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies for the time within which your support team should respond to and/or resolve tickets. Use SLAs to standardize your service quality and meet client expectations. With SLA views your team will easily monitor ticket’s SLA status, and be able to spot and avoid beaches, and meet deadlines.

InfoServ CRM’s Ticketing System allows you to setup different SLA policies for each ticket type, while taking into account your working / business hours. It can even automatically remind support agents or escalate issues to managers in case of SLA breach.

Ticket Reporting & Performance Dashboards

Helpdesk Reporting

Monitor how your helpdesk team is performing with ticket reporting and advanced analytics. Track metrics such as tickets closed, SLAs violated and average time to resolve a ticket to accelerate your team’s efficiency.

Use InfoServ CRM’s built-in reporting tools to identify problems faster, recognize good or bad performance, identify support issue dependencies and common ticket solutions, and monitor service standards. All reports are customizable and you can easily create new reports according to your specific requirements.

Helpdesk Features in InfoServ CRM

Multichannel Communication

Service customers on their preferred communication channel - phone, email, web chat.

Customer Profile

A 360-degree customer view with detailed customer information and previous service requests.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of users, calls, web chat communication and SLA Tickets reporting.

Ticket Management

Turn requests by phone, email, web chat or office visit into tickets and track performance.


Internal knowledgebase with answers to FAQ and steps and solutions to client problems.


Automatic ticket opening and closing, and notifying clients of ticket number and status.

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