Empower your team to ace every call with a Call Center Software

Call Center Software with InfoServ CRM

Turn your call center into valuable resource, go beyond calling and place customer centricity at the core of your business with an integrated Call Center, Helpdesk and CRM system

What is Call Center Software?

Call Center Software with InfoServ CRM

Businesses rely on call centers (internal or outsourced) for customer service, sales, meetings scheduling, collection of overdue receivables, and other important aspects of business. To organize the work of call center operators (also referred to as agents), companies use specialized software applications called call center software or call center systems. While initially call center systems used to cover only phone calls processing, nowadays, call center software handles not only phone calls but also other common business communication channels - e.g. email and web chat.

Call Center Systems identify customers by phone number, email address, or other identifier (e.g. Customer ID number), and display the Customer’s Profile on the call center operator’s computer screen. Call center systems document and record communication, perform real-time monitoring, and measure performance and efficiency of the call center department as a whole.

Application of Call Center Software

Inbound Call Center and Hot Line Support

Inbound Call Center and Hot Line Support

With Automatic Call Distribution, Skill Based Routing, and Customer Screen Pop-up the call center software directs the incoming phone call to the most appropriate agent to deliver exceptional customer service.

Automatic Dialer and Telemarketing Campaigns

Automatic Dialer and Telemarketing Campaigns

With Outbound Dialer with different dialing modes your team is more productive when executing telemarketing campaigns for sales, meeting scheduling, debt collections, surveys and marketing research.

IVR System and Automatic Phone Services

IVR and Automatic Phone Service

With complex IVR menus you can direct call to the most appropriate agent or you can deliver automatic phone service 24/7 and provide standardized information to clients, or execute clients active or passive operations.

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Call Center Solution from InfoServ CRM

Increase the productivity and quality of your call center initiatives with multichannel communication and automatic dialer. Exceed expectations and put your customer at the center of your business with Call Center, Helpdesk and CRM software integrated into a single platform.

Standalone (Independent) Solution

Call Center System as a Standalone (Independent) Solution

With a standalone, independent communication platform you process requests on all communication channels from one screen. You install, set up and operate a single system - without the need for expensive PBX and phone equipment, without the need for an external Email Client, without launching external SoftPhone or web chat application.

The Call Center solution accepts telephony from both an internal PBX and directly from the telephone provider without the need to purchase and install a PBX. Call Center Operators make calls via IP phones or via the built right into the Call Center system SoftPhone. InfoServ CRM enables integration with your mail server (via IMAP and SMTP), with emails processed via the built-in Internal Email Client.

Multichannel Communication

Call Center System with Multichannel Communication

Service customers flawlessly on every communication channel – phone, email, web chat. Use InfoServ CRM to consolidate the various communication channels into one platform and answer all client inquiries using a single system. A Multichannel call center gives customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for them at any given time and ensures the same prompt customer experience is provided across all channels.

Using one unified multichannel communication platform provides your call center agents with all the relevant customer information and communication history in a single interface to ensure accurate and efficient responses.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Call Center with integrated IVR

Use IVR technology to streamline call routing and answer routine customer questions. InfoServ’s IVR solution allows for IVR integration with external systems and databases for sophisticated customer identification and information delivery with the use of web service integration or direct external database access.

Customize your IVR logic by incorporating multiple languages, multi-level IVR menus, automated informational IVR, external phone number routing, business hours and voicemail routing. Activate IVR messages to improve your marketing and sales initiatives (e.g., with product-related and promotional messages) or reduce wait times and boost call center efficiency.

360-degree Customer Profile

Call Center System with 360-degree Customer Profile

The prompt resolution of customer inquiries, customer care and building lasting client relationships, relying on personalized customer service is what drives the client to seek the company’s services over and over again. Using Call Center software with built-in CRM, the operator has all the available customer information to better understand customer issues and provide personalized and meaningful answers, information, and service. Working with a central customer relationship management database, the Call Center operator provides a complete, 360-degree, customer view, ensuring faster, more accurate and personalized responses.

Call Center Features in InfoServ CRM

Multichannel Call Center

Provide customer service on their preferred communication channel – phone, email, and web chat in one single solution.

Built-in Soft Phone

With built-in Soft Phone, you can call your customers directly from InfoServ CRM, without the need of a phone device.

Call Recording

All phone calls processed by InfoServ CRM can be recorded and the call recording is available for fast and easy review.

IVR and Voice Mail

With convenient IVR menus including marketing and voice messages, you service your customers with ease - 24/7.

Agentless Dialer

Inform customers about upcoming events and deadlines with InfoServ CRM’s Automatic Outbound Phone Campaigns

Automatic Dialer

Increase the efficiency of outbound telemarketing campaigns with Automatic Dialer with different dialing modes.

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