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Empower your team to ace every call with a contact center system built directly into your CRM

Turn your call center into valuable resource with InfoServ CRM

Go beyond calling and place customer-centricity at the core of your business with an integrated Contact Center and CRM platform

INBOUND Call Center

InfoServ Call Center with integrated call recording and automatic call distribution is a high-quality inbound call center solution for delivering exceptional customer experience.

Our sophisticated automatic call distribution (ACD) and skill-based routing rules allow you to quickly match incoming calls with the right agent according to your own business objectives (including agents’ expertise, time-of-day and day-of-week routing, IVR menu routing, Called ID and Caller ID routing).

InfoServ CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) “screen popup” automatically displays customer’s information on the call center agents’ application so they can understand the context of the call, review the customer communication history (voice recording, e-mail and chat transcripts), personalize the customer interaction, and resolve issues without undue delay.

The tight integration between IVR and Agent Application ensure call center agents can seamlessly service multiple support lines.

Voice Recording, Call Scripting, Call Transfers and Call Conferencing, Real-Time Call Monitoring and Customizable Monitoring Dashboards, provide additional tools to increase agents’ productivity and customer service quality.

Powerful IVR

Use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems to streamline call routing and answer routine customer questions. InfoServ’s IVR solution allows for IVR integration with external systems and databases for sophisticated customer identification and information delivery with the use of web service integration or direct external database access.

Customize your IVR logic by incorporating multiple languages, multi-level IVR menus, automated informational IVR menus, external phone number routing, business hours and voicemail routing.

Activate IVR messages to improve your marketing and sales initiatives (e.g., with product-related and promotional messages) or reduce wait times and boost call center efficiency.

OUTBOUND Call Center

Automated outbound dialers with powerful LCR (Low-Cost Routing) and mass personalized e-mail campaigns are powerful tools for companies looking to provide proactive outreach and execute campaigns efficiently. For Choose from totally automated (Agentless dialing, Progressive dialing), semi-automated (Preview dialing), or manual (Passive dialing) mode for your Telemarketing Campaigns.

Agentless Dialing is helpful when looking to execute a broadband campaign and respond with a prerecorded voice message without involving call center agents. Passive dialing is used when aiming at telemarketing campaign organization and before-call preparation. Use Preview and Progressive dialing if your goal is to achieve efficiency and increase productivity.

Outbound contact center solutions are used across various customer engagement initiatives like uncovering potential revenue opportunities, scheduling meetings, broadcasting important information, or reminding customers of past due payments (debt collection).

Seamless Multichannel Communication

With a powerful unified communication platform combining Multichannel communication – calls, emails, web chat, it has never been easier to deliver better customer interactions. Differentiate your company and position it as an industry leader by implementing Multichannel communication strategy.

A Multichannel contact center gives customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for them at any given time and ensures the same prompt, informed customer experience is provided across all channels.

Using one unified multichannel communication platform provides your contact center agents with all the relevant customer information and communication history in a single interface to ensure accurate and efficient responses.

With the right tools, you can make sure your business is prepared to meet the evolving customer demands.

Real Time Monitoring and Reporting

Real-Time Monitoring and Call Center Statistics improve contact centers service levels. Accurately measure team performance and SLA by keeping close track of important KPIs like service level, abandon rate, inbound talk time, and detailed agent activity statistics like inbound ring time and number of inbound calls serviced, agents availability, etc. Use Call Center Reporting to make strategic decisions based on most commonly used call center statistics regarding agent activity and calls reporting.

Monitor contact center agents status, listen to calls, read web chat and internal chat communication in real-time while providing guidance and assistance using Internal Chat. Create personalized Monitoring Dashboards to track real-time metrics for inbound calls in IVR, inbound calls in Queue, customers talking to agents, outbound calls, and agent status (e.g., Ready, Pause, In Call, in Wrap, Talking).