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Effectively manage your leads and turn them into long-term loyal customers

CRM system to manage relationships with customers

With the CRM system of InfoServ CRM your business is more competitive, customer service is higher quality and business processes are managed more efficiently

What is CRM?

InfoServ CRM System

CRM (short for Customer Relationship Management) is a technology, business strategy and practices whose main focus is the construction of long-term relationships with potential and current clients, with the ultimate goal of increasing business profits in general. Usually, when talking about CRM in mind is a software or system with the help of which contacts are managed, information about customers, partners, suppliers, sales, etc. is merged in a common database.

The CRM system is used to organize and synchronize information about your customers across individual business units, allowing individual approach to each customer, partner or provider. They automate and improve customer service, sales, and marketing activities, which reduces costs and increases the efficiency of each unit.

Benefits of CRM systems

In a highly competitive and saturated markets, businesses are increasingly relying on CRM systems to attract new customers and improve the services they are offered. CRM Systems arrange and organize information, which makes them an irreplaceable helper in the battle to build customer loyalty and engagement.

Benefits of implementing CRM systems for business:

360-degrees customers view

InfoServ CRM - 360-degree customer profiles

The collection of incoming information through various channels - from specialized business systems, from Excel spreadsheets, results of meetings, email communication, phone conversations and web chat in one place, in one screen, in one system, and in an easy-to-view format major advantage of a good CRM system. In addition to basic contact information (name, telephone, email, address, etc.), the CRM system provides another important, business-specific information such as customer type, use of services, outstanding obligations, communication history and activity with the customer, results of held meetings, complaints and commercial transactions.

Easily accessible customer information

InfoServ CRM - easy client information

The modern employee is mobile, and to be effective, it is necessary even when it is out of the office to have easy access to the customer data, to the deals and offers it works on. To be able to make contact with the customer, which is automatically documented and recorded in the customer’s card. The CRM system saves employees’ time by supporting their activities. It is the key to efficiency, better communication and achievement of established goals. Its implementation invariably leads to satisfaction among employees.

Effective communication with customers and partners

InfoServ CRM - Efective customer communication

Effective communication is achieved when, with minimal effort, you serve customers regardless of the communication channel they choose - phone, email, web chat or contact form. With the right CRM solution, communication from all channels will come into one system and customer interactions will be documented in one place. Automatic recognition of the customer when receiving a phone call or an email, as well as displaying all the necessary information on the employee's screen, is a prerequisite for fast, high quality and efficient customer service.

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Sales Management

InfoServ CRM - Sales Management

The CRM system puts order in not only customer information, but also business organization and sales processes, allowing you to easily and intuitively manage the sales funnel and activity of any trader, to know at what stage each deal that is being worked on is, what are the next steps in it and what is the probability of winning it.

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Management decisions based on real data

InfoServ CRM - Real Data Decision

Thanks to the CRM system, the management team has the information and reports it needs to make well-timed and correct decisions and take preventive actions based not on emotions and anticipations, but on real data and numbers.

Required CRM functionalities

To take the most out of CRM deployment, look for the following critical functionalities

Customer profiles

InfoServ CRM - Detailed Customer Profiles

Detailed and ordered data for customers, partners and suppliers, with information about deals, open tickets and requests, documents and signed contracts, results of meetings and delegated tasks.

Integrated communication

InfoServ CRM - Integrated Communication

A key role in the effective and beneficial CRM is the integration of corporate communication (telephone, email, web chat) and the automatic documentation of customer communication.

Business processes

InfoServ CRM - Configurable Business Processes

Managing diverse business processes in one system and being able to customize and adapt to your specific needs is an invaluable competitive advantage.

Frequently Used CRM Features

Sales Processes

By effectively managing your business processes, you turn marketing leads into qualified opportunities and closed deals.


Digitize your company documentation and enrich your client profiles with contracts, invoices, and other documentation.

Help Desk

Improve your customer service level agreement with streamlined customer information and integrated communication.

Integrated Communication

Each customer profile contains a detailed history of the communication with the client - phone calls, email, web chat.

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InfoServ CRM Advantages


More than 25 years of experience in business software solutions.


Over 96% of our Customers expands and upgrades InfoServ CRM.

Cloud Solution

We are using one of the leaders in cloud platforms - Microsoft Azure


We continuously developing and expand InfoServ CRM's functionalities

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