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Effectively manage your leads and turn them into long-term loyal customers

Let InfoServ CRM empower your SALES activities

Stay on top of your accounts, manage your Customer Relationships with ease and never miss a business opportunity!

Manage Sales Activities

Let InfoServ CRM’s Sales Management Module organize you sales activities and lead you through your sales process – from Lead, through Opportunity, all the way to Closing Deals. Provide your sales team with the right tools to effectively manage their sales pipelines and increase productivity.

  • Import Leads
  • Qualify Leads into Opportunities
  • Know Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Register Quotes and Orders
  • Use Price Lists
  • Work with multiple Sales Processes
  • Measure Sales Team Productivity
  • Sales Reporting

Manage Sales Activities

360-Degree Customer View

InfoServ’s customer profiles support 360-Degree Customer View. It combines in a single screen all your customer related data - contact details, products purchased, documents, phone calls, invoices sent, sent and received e-mails, web chat transcripts, filled-in communication forms, related meetings and tasks etc. As a true 360-degree view it combines views of the past, present and future interactions with the customer. These include, although not limited to, types of products purchased, yearly revenue, up-sale and cross-sale options, info about past communication - meetings, calls, e-mails, offers, deals, signed contracts, etc. With a 360-degree view at hand Sales managers can maximize their customers’ experience while making the interaction as effective and efficient as possible.

Unified Communication Platform

InfoServ CRM combines most commonly used business communication channels into one unified platform. At present our platform supports: in- and outbound phone calls, in- and outbound e-mails, web chat, as well as outbound phone calls initiated from InfoServ’s mobile app. InfoServ will automatically login your communication together with the voice recording of your phone calls, the content of your e-mail , the transcript of your web chat, or filled-in custom contact forms into your customers' profiles. Communicate directly from InfoServ CRM and you will never have to log communication history by hand again.

Mass Communication - E-mail Campaigns

Reach your customers with hot offers and valuable information (contract expiration, product recalls, etc.) directly from your CRM and have this communication automatically logged into the customer’s profile. Personalize your mass e-mails via a system of tags with any client specific information from the customer’s profile (customer name and title, contract expiration date, amount owed, etc.). Improve your mass e-mail campaigns by scheduling their auto execution at a specific time without the need of an employee presence.


Create your own personalized dashboard. InfoServ® Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your company’s business activity. It comprises of different types of charts and report numbers personalized to the user‘s needs to provide a quick and easy overview of current business performance. Visualize your sales pipeline in a Funnel chart and keep track of your performance. Drill down each number in your dashboard and find out what constitutes it.

The Built-in analytics features of InfoServ CRM give managers the relevant insight to optimize performance, decision making, and resource allocation.

Document Management

Have all your customer-related documents – proposals, presentations, price offers, purchase orders, contracts, etc. always at hand in your customer’s profile. InfoServ built in Document Management System lets you create a document classification (e.g., CRM's proposals, price offers, sales contracts, support contracts, protocols, etc.) that is tailored to your business. Categorize documents as per your company’s needs and share documents among colleagues by granting rights.

Reporting & Analytics

InfoServ® comes equipped with a library of report templates in the areas of marketing, sales, support, etc. And if you don’t find the report you need in our library, we provide you with a user-friendly Report Generator Tool to create it yourself without having to rely on administrators. Reporting has never been easier!

  • Create reports which analyze more than one data type.
  • Perform arithmetical operations (sum, average, minimum, and maximum).
  • Store one report in different "views" to be able to look at one and the same dataset from different angles.
  • Store reports as templates for future use.
  • Share or restrict access to reports.
  • Save reports into various user-friendly formats such as PDF, HTML, XLS and CSV.
  • Use reports to generate contact lists and add them into an e-mail campaign with ease.

Task Management

InfoServ’s Task Management System lets users delegate tasks, support tickets for further action, documents for review, etc. among CRM users. It helps them manage progress and easily maintain lists of uncompleted tasks. Each task possesses attributes such as Name, Topic, Priority, Status, EXIT details, Comments, List of users it is assigned and copied to, but most importantly each task may include the documents, e-mails, phone calls, web chat transcripts etc. with the original information which triggered the task.

Reminders and Calendars

InfoServ CRM’s built-in time management features help users be more productive. Calendars and Reminders, keep you organized and prevent you from missing a deadline or promise. Sync InfoServ CRM Calendars with your calendars in Outlook, Office 365, or Google, to guarantee correct and up-to-date information about upcoming meeting and events across calendars.