Getting Acquainted with InfoServ CRM

In today's fast-paced business world, an enterprise's ability to relate professional with multiple customers can be the difference between success and failure.

In today's fast-paced business world, an enterprise's ability to relate professional with multiple customers at any given time can be the difference between success and failure. This fine margin between success and failure is also in part due to the numerous competitors every business organization has in its environment. Therefore, to be at the top of the competitive pyramid, an enterprise must bring it's a 'A game’ to the table when relating with its customer base…

And this is where InfoServ CRM comes in.

InfoServ CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool designed to meet an enterprise's customer service needs. It does this by creating an entirely new business strategy developed for customer retention.  This strategy is a systematic approach--which involves using its unique features--in managing a business's approach to customer relationship with the important goal of increasing overall sales. It provides enterprises with a unique 360-degree view of a selected customer's profile which allows you access to every detail concerning the particular customer.

Breaking down the Nuts and Bolts of InfoServ CRM

The first step to understanding the working process of InfoServ CRM, is first realizing that your business needs a supportive system for managing its clients. InfoServ CRM is that supportive system that does all the background work to create a seamless customer relationship management strategy.

In simpler terms, InfoServ CRM does the above by collecting leads and customer information--which could be as generic as a mail address or as detailed as the order or complaint your customer makes – to understand customer's requirements as well as the direction of your market niche. The InfoServ CRM system then provides you with these KPIs or information, thereby allowing enterprises to tweak certain operational aspects that will increase the quality of customer service provided and customer satisfaction.

In technical terms, InfoServ CRM provides enterprises with customer support using its unique features to (1) Initiate marketing, (2) Schedule orders and process sales, (3) Provide support.

InfoServ CRM Features

InfoServ CRM provides enterprises with a unified repository that can be leveraged to store customer information, analyze collected data, collate tasks and handle customer relationship through a simplistic administrative dashboard interface.

The rules to understanding a new system including InfoServ CRM starts with first trying out its features. And on opening a corporate account on InfoServ CRM, you will be introduced to its “standardized client profile” which stores an enterprise's details and allows the user customize the CRM platform's data fields to meet an organization’s needs.

The features an organization should take advantage of include:

InfoServ CRM Task Manager: the litmus test for every CRM service provider is its ability to handle task using a simplistic approach to meet its user’s goals. InfoServ CRM aces this test by providing task management features that allow enterprises customize tasks according to level of importance, assign staff responsibilities, integrate task durations as well as monitor every progress in relation to set deadlines.

InfoServ CRM E-mail Integration: the e-mail integration feature helps enterprises collate all their customers e-mail address into the personal dashboard. As a business, you can then take advantage of this by sending mass e-mails as well as receiving feedback e-mails on InfoServ CRM. Having all your mailing needs met on one platform definitely simplifies communication between your enterprise and all its customers.

InfoServ CRM E-mail/SMS Campaign Channels: carrying out marketing campaigns as well as developing a mass communication strategy for an organization can easily be done with InfoServ. Enterprises can take advantage of its personalized mass communication channels to create customized e-mails and SMS messages tailored to fit each customer using its services regardless of the customer base population. Campaign messaged can include personalized information such as a customer's name, location and preferences.

InfoServ CRM Calendar: in addition to setting up a task, marketing campaign, or communication channel, InfoServ CRM provides an automated calendar and a corresponding reminder system which can be used to keep tabs on task priorities. With this feature, you can organize tasks, meetings and deadlines around specific time durations.


Automated Marketing with InfoServ CRM

The general features of InfoServ CRM can be harnessed together to develop intuitive marketing campaigns that can be tracked and quantified to know the exact impact of an enterprises sales and marketing strategies. Outlined is a case study to understand how this works.

For example, the CEO of Enterprise A, a fitness equipment distributor, is interested in conducting a marketing campaign designed to get individuals to attend a seminar focused on the company’s products and tracking the campaign results using a single platform. Coming across InfoServ CRM, he takes advantage of its features to:

1) Import Enterprise A customer information: the marketing team undertakes the first step of importing it's E-mail list to the platform. This ensures that every communication with customers is streamlined and the corresponding details be provided on a streamlined dashboard.

2) Developing the Mailing strategy: with the contacts in place, the next step is designing an attractive and interactive content to be dispersed to customers.  Using InfoServ CRM's templates or importing personalized templates, the marketing team designs an interactive message which could include: personalized information, click-able links and call to action buttons to grab the attention of prospective health/fitness enthusiasts.

3) Distributing the Message: InfoServ CRM provides the support needed to automatically send the created marketing content to the prospective customers on Enterprise A contact list as scheduled.

4) Tracking marketing Strategy Impact: the 'advance reporting and tracking' feature can now be called into play to track the number of prospective customers who expressed interest in attending the seminar (by replying to the invitation, or by initiating a phone call for more details), the number of prospects who signed up for the seminar and those of them who actually attended it, and finally those of them, who actually bought fitness equipment up to 30 days after attending the seminar.

The ability to send automated marketing campaigns as scheduled by you will drastically reduce the time taking to reach a large audience while increasing your organization's communication ability and storing every feedback received.

Streamlining Your Customer Service

The importance of having all your customers information on one platform cannot be overstated for it ensures that your organization keeps track of every Interaction its customer representatives have with its customer base. InfoServ CRM provides your business with a streamlined customer service for it stores communication history and every Interaction using tickets that are easily accessed when needed.  With this feature, an enterprise can:

  • Develop and maintain a data base for all customer related issues regardless of the number of customers it serves.
  • Access this database whenever needed in order to make recurring customers feel welcomed and know that your business have their best interest at heart.
  • Preview and respond to multiple customer queries in real time. And also track the response rate of your customer representatives in real time.

Working While Mobile

InfoServ CRM offers enterprises the opportunity to make use of its user-friendly mobile app which supports working on the go regardless of the users’ location.  The Mobile app makes it possible to access all information on your dashboard — stored data, client communication, documents, contact details etc. – via a mobile device without hampering the accuracy of the information received.

InfoServ CRM takes working on-the-go a step further by making it possible for managers and sales reps to access in-depth information concerning individual customers.  With the Mobile app, perusing customer profiles, communication data and tickets, as well as scheduled tasks is possible regardless of the users' location. The InfoServ CRM Mobile app also supports the editing of customer information and the calling of registered contacts on the app through a mobile device.

Automated customer relationship systems are tailor made to provide your enterprise with an all-in-one solution for handling marketing campaigns and customer relationships.  InfoServ CRM takes this one step further by provide your business organization with a solution customized to meet your particular needs.

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