Customer Service with CRM & Contact Center Software

7 Advantages of CRM & Call Center Software for exceptional customer service.

Businesses often focus on product development, growth and sales and fail to prioritize among employees the importance of customer service.  Even if you have the most effective sales team, the best marketing strategy, and a great product, you will manage to get loads of leads and new clients, but unless you manage to turn them into repeat and happy clients, you will not only loose on repeat sales and referrals, but will soon find your client retention rate plummet.

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To win at customer service, invest in a CRM & Contact Center software that allows you to:


Customers love to be known personally – try to remember their names, personal details, position in the company, preferences, previous contacts, etc. While this is achievable for a micro business, where a couple of employees service a handful of customer, it turns to a mission impossible for any other business (small to large) without the help of technology.
The solution is to create a database about your customers, to help you remember details about them so that you can relate to your customers on a personal level. Whenever possible make a note of what was discussed previously so you can refer to it the next time you meet.


In order to provide outstanding customer service, you need to know what you are selling. In addition to training your staff about the product and services features, you can ensure their tools provide quick access to product and services knowledgebase for fast reference. Organize your knowledgebase to not only include product and services description but also to enlist frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers. This will help your staff provide precise, detailed, high quality service to your customers.



Your customers must be able to contact you should they need your service or have questions to ask. Make yourself available via different communication channels. Include the most commonly used business communication channels: phone and e-mail.
And most importantly, ensure phone and e-mail communication are integrated into your CRM software.


If you have the budget, invest in live chat and web form communication directly from your corporate web site.
When customers visiting your website reach to a point where they have questions or are confused, if they are not provided with an easy way to engage you directly from the web site, they may quickly loose interest and desire to purchase. Customers expect fast and reliable answers.
An ATG Global Consumer Trend study found that 90% of customers consider live chat helpful and an eMarketer study found that 63% were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.


To deliver quality customer service, you must be available and accessible. Your customers must be able to reach you whenever they need to make their order, make a complaint or ask a question via multiple communication channels.
One of the biggest factors in good customer service is speed, especially when a client is requesting something that’s time sensitive. While it’s best if you respond to feedback of any kind immediately, it’s critical that you do so within 24 hours, or risk customers think you aren’t listening.
This can be difficult to achieve if you are handling customer requests manually, especially if you have a high volume of customers. To make things easier and more efficient, use software that integrates into one unified platform all communication channels. That way, your customer service staff won’t have to manually log in issues, or sort through tons of disorganized mails to address a customer’s request or complaint.


Organizing and tracking customer requests is not an easy task when you are dealing with a large customer base. When done manually, requests can fall off the radar as is often the case. Enterprise CRM systems provide Case Management functionality to alleviate the process of registering customer requests and tracking their resolution progress. Use it to expedite resolutions by assigning and managing customer service cases across multiple communication channels, including phone, e-mail, web chat, etc.


Customer service reports provide an overview of all customer service requests so you can keep track of the trends, which allow you to identify areas for improvement, plan the workload and schedules of your support team and, most importantly, make sure your customers’ expectations are well met. Top increase the quality of the customer service your deliver, closely monitor the following essential statistics: Number of requests opened per day (how many customer requests have been opened each day), Number of requests closed per user (how many requests have been closed per user), Average response time (how long does it take to respond to a customer), Average resolution time (how long does it take to resolve a customer issue), Number of customer interactions per resolved case (how many interactions it takes to resolve a customer case), etc.


Excellent customer service is no rocket science. It often comes down to consistently checking in with your customers and making sure they are happy not only with the products and services you're selling, but also with the process of purchasing, ordering, working with you, etc. If you do that successfully, you are on your way to becoming known for providing exceptional customer service. Try InfoServ's Professional Contact Center Today! Get a FREE TRIAL for 14 days.


"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.
It's our job to make the customer experience a little bit better."

-Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon

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