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Phone Integration in InfoServ CRM

Phone Integration with the InfoServ CRM System is easy and requires no special hardware equipment.

Phone communication is one of the most commonly used business communication channels. Having your phone communication integrated into your CRM system gives you a competitive advantage and facilitates a better customer service. 

You DO NOT need a PBX or any special type of hardware in order to integrate your telephony into the InfoServ CRM system. All you need is:

  1. a phone provider
  2. a computer
  3. VoIP 2.0 phones

Yes, that’s all you need to have your phone communication integrated into your InfoServ CRM system!

The InfoServ CRM Software suit consists of three applications: InfoServ CRM Client, InfoServ Administrator, and InfoServ CRM Phone Server. The InfoServ CRM Phone Server is the software which controls and manages the phone communication in the InfoServ CRM system.

Installing the InfoServ CRM Phone Server

You can install the InfoServ CRM Phone Server on any computer with the following minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Server 2008/Server 2012
  • Monitor Resolution: minimum 1024 x 768 (preferred 1280 x 1024 or higher)
  • Procesor: 2 GHz +
  • RAM: 2 GB+
  • Disk Space: 200 MB (for the software)
  • Internet (reliable and secure connection recommended)
  • 1 x LAN (2 x LAN recommended)
  • PCI/PCI-express slot (if using ISDN controller)

The requirements listed above are a minimum! If you plan the InfoServ CRM system to be used by many users, then you should choose a computer with higher technical specifications in order to provide consistent performance of the system. You should also ensure a reliable and secure internet connection for this computer.


Connections between Phone Providers and InfoServ CRM Phone Server

VoIP SIP 2.0 Phone Providers

In many cases, the companies prefer using SIP2.0 (VoIP) providers mainly because of their accessibility and simplicity of integration with other systems and in general. In this case the VoIP provider will connect to the InfoServ CRM Phone Server via SIP 2.0 protocol using the internet connection. Therefore. It is of critical importance to ensure a hi-quality, reliable internet connection to provide the best environment for your phone communication.

Usually in this case we recommend the Phone Server Computer to be equipped with two LAN adapters – one for the phone integration and the other one for your internal network. We can illustrate that type of connection between the SIP provider and your InfoServ CRM system as follows:

 VoIP Phone Provider Connectivity


ISDN Phone Providers

In other cases, companies prefer using ISDN controller(s). If you choose this type of phone provider, you should know that InfoServ CRM system can work with all models of PrimuX ISDN controllers (detailed specifications about the ISDN controllers can be found on the website: ). Depending in the chosen ISDN controller you will have to provide one or more PCI/PCI-express slots on the Phone Server Computer (if using external ISDN controller - USB port).  When integrating the system with ISDN controller, generally, the InfoServ CRM system takes the role of TE configured side and the provider takes the role of NT configured side. But in some cases and according to the model of the controller (only when using NT version of the ISDN controller) the InfoServ CRM system can be configured as NT side. So, basically the connection looks like that:

 ISDN Phone Connectivity


Phone Integration with PBX

It is also possible for InfoServ CRM Phone Server to accept telephony from PBXs (Private Branch Exchange). Depending on the type of PBX (SIP 2.0 or ISDN) the integration specifics with the InfoServ CRM system are the same as the ones described above. In case you use a PBX, you may also use the standard phone devices connected to your PBX instead of VoIP 2.0 phones. The standard phone devices are specified as internal numbers for the PBX in that case.


Connections between the InfoServ CRM Phone Server and VoIP SIP 2.0 Phones

The next component of the phone integration process is the connection between the InfoServ Phone Server and the VoIP SIP 2.0 phones. The connection may be:

a) via LAN – most commonly VoIP SIP 2.0 Phones are connected through LAN. In this case you have to put your VoIP phones and the InfoServ Phone Server in the same local area network.

b) via internet – in rare cases a VoIP 2.0 phone can be connected to the InfoServ Phone Server via internet connection.

Here’s what the connection between the InfoServ CRM Phone Server and VoIP SIP 2.0 Phones looks like:

 Internal Phone Connectivity


In summary, Phone Integration with the InfoServ CRM System is easy and requires no special hardware equipment. It uses ISDN or SIP 2.0 protocols to connect to the phone providers and may accept phone communication from a PBX using the above-mentioned protocol. Users accept make and take phone calls using VoIP SIP 2.0 Phones, or in the case of PBX configuration, they may also use standard phone devices connected to the PBX instead.

 InfoServ CRM Phone Connectivity


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