The benefits of Cloud-based Call Center, Helpdesk and CRM

Five important advantages of Call Center, Helpdesk and CRM systems as a cloud-based software solutions

Regardless of whether you use a software system such as a Call Center, Helpdesk or CRM solution for your business, you have two options in terms of implementation method - On-Premise - as a local installation on your own infrastructure and servers or Cloud, i.e. the software is provided as a service (SaaS), whose support and servers are taken care of the provider.

On-Premise implementation is a preferred option by large companies with dedicated IT staff, for whom control over the system is paramount or who must comply with certain regulatory requirements and regulations. This option involves more investment, resources and time that not every company has. For this reason, there is also the "cloud solution" alternative, which is suitable for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses.

SuperOffice statistics show that while in 2008 only 12% of companies used this type of software as a cloud solution, in 2020 the growth has reached an impressive 87%, which is a visible proof of its benefits.

Cloud vs On-premise Statistics

With Cloud systems, IT competences are not mandatory, since the service and maintenance of their servers is taken care of by the provider itself. This is just one of the advantages of Call Center, Helpdesk and CRM platforms as a cloud service.

But Cloud solutions have many more advantages, which we will highlight in today's material.

 1. Easy installation

For a start-up or small business to successfully implement any new software, the latter must be easy to install, as business dynamics are high and time and resources are limited.

Large part of the companies are prejudiced that the implementation of business software is a long and complex process, and the adaptation difficult and slow.

Fortunately, when the software is cloud-based, installation is relatively quick, as there is no hardware involved, no need to provide and configure your own server, and no maintenance required.

This practically means that you don't even need a highly specialized IT team, because the infrastructure has already been taken care of by the provider of your chosen Cloud solution.

 2. Easy and seamless access

Unlike the traditional local On-Premise systems, which, without providing remote connectivity to the servers, are only accessible from the office during working hours, round-the-clock access from anywhere is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of the cloud-based solution.

It provides access to the platform no matter where you are - whether you are in the office, on your way home, on vacation or on a business trip.

The device is also irrelevant - desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet - the cloud system allows every employee of the company to access the information they need, which in itself helps improving the internal business processes.

A study by OnePage Express shows that 80% of cloud software users access company information from more than one device.

Cloud Access Statistics

From making emergency sales calls on the go and changing a quote, to looking up a potential customer's phone number or emailing a manager when you're out of the office, the cloud solution offers seamless 24/7 access to the centralized database.

3. Low investment costs

Unlike the local installation of of Call Center, Helpdesk and CRM systems, cloud solutions require low capital costs as they work on a subscription basis.

Thanks to the small upfront investment, cloud-based software solutions minimize risks and allow smaller companies to operate with the available finances for other needs of the organization, since the subscription payments for the SaaS service are spread evenly over time.

Additional capital costs are also saved from purchasing physical or virtual servers as well as from additional database software.

4. High levels of security and reliability

The storage of company information is essential for any business. The most common reason companies hesitate to move to a cloud-based business software deployment is security concerns.

Contrary to these beliefs, the security levels of cloud-based Call Center, Helpdesk and CRM systems are extremely high.

Service providers are aware that they are responsible for the security of the data entrusted to them, so they employ advanced automated backup policies and have clear data recovery plans if a breach occurs.

The stability of cloud solutions is also guaranteed, as the provider ensures that all systems work flawlessly 24/7 – without crashes, inaccessibility and other problems related to their usage.

5. Flexibility

Cloud solutions are offered on a subscription basis, with different subscription plans, depending on the needs and size of the given company.

As the business grows and develops over time, additional modules can be added with new functionalities needed for the current level of development of the company, moving to the next higher subscription plan.

Cloud-based platforms are extremely flexible in this regard and allow upgrades at any time, and as for higher subscription plans, options for more capabilities and features are available as an option already at the time of software implementation.

The fact that employees using the system can access it from anywhere at any time is also a big plus in terms of flexibility.

We can summarize the advantages of Call Center, Helpdesk and CRM systems as a cloud solution as follows:

They have shorter installation and deployment times; they are associated with significantly lower capital costs, thanks to the servers and infrastructure provided; time and place are not a factor for a direct access to them; their security is at an extremely high level; adding additional modules with more functionality for business needs can happen at any time period wanted by the company, quickly and easily. Cloud-based software systems are a good option for small, medium and start-up businesses, because they are practical in terms of investment and do not require IT skills or a specialized team to work with them.

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