Customer Service through VIBER

Viber around the world, how the Viber integration improves customers service and 5 tips for effective communication with customers using Viber chat.

Viber in Bulgaria and Around the World

Viber. We've all heard of it. We all know it. Almost all of us use it in our everyday life. In fact, more than we realize. In Bulgaria, Viber has a 90% market share, while globally, it’s used by over 1 billion people.

According to research by SimilarWeb and Statista, we hold the second spot in Europe in terms of Viber usage, with only Ukraine ahead of us at 97.9%.

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Viber is the No.1 app in the country for a reason - it's easy to use, it has multimedia features, and it guarantees 100% message delivery, regardless of its content – text, images, videos, etc.

The application is a preferred by the main age groups for online correspondence, and is increasingly entering the business as a communication channel for various purposes – company chat, outbound messages, marketing campaigns, advertising messages and more.

There is also a tendency for companies that have Customer Service departments, regardless of the industry, to use the application as a tool for communication with their customers. And rightly so. Viber has many advantages that improve the quality of Customer Service, which helps to build stable relationships and trust in the brand.

In this article, we share the benefits of Viber integration for your business and give some practical tips on how to approach communication with customers through Viber chat.

How Viber integration Improves Customer Service?

Receive and send Viber messages in real time

With Viber, you can respond quickly to customer inquiries, which means that users will receive the information they need in a timely manner, without having to wait, which usually frustrates them. By having your own corporate Viber channel, your business will be online for your customers at all times. If you don’t offer 24/7 support, the client who made the request will be notified about it, and will receive feedback from you during business hours.

With Viber integration, you track customer cases precisely

Since the clients use the application from their personal phones, the entire correspondence history is being stored in them. Thus, they can check everything they need at any time. Things are no less organized on your end. Viber integration is part of the overall CRM, Call Center or Helpdesk system you are working with. This means that the complete history of communication with each customer and for each case is stored in the platform itself. In combination with a ticketing module, for example, all incoming queries will be in order and under absolute control - status of the inquiry, communication from Viber (and other channels) and detailed user data in the customer file.

Thanks to Viber, it's easier to build a Knowledge Base

Based on the inquiries received in Viber and the nature of the asked questions, you will have a complete view on the received information, which will help you create your Knowledge Base with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). This way, you'll be better prepared for follow-up inquiries and use the relevant templates to give faster and more accurate feedback to your customers. This saves both parties time and effort and speeds up response to inquiries and resolution of cases. The Knowledge Base itself is stored in the software solution with integrated Viber, which provides quick and easy access to ready answers.

You personalize the Customer Service through Viber

The integration allows a communication with users of a more personal nature. Each client will appreciate the personal approach and ease of correspondence. Also, the fact that you provide a "private" channel, in which you serve this particular customer only, makes them feel special by the individual attention received and the focus on their inquiry or case. 
With Viber, you inform your customers what's new Viber integration can be used to increase your customer engagement. Thanks to outbound messages, you could send them up-to-date information about your products and services - news, changes, offers, updates. In addition, you also have the option to ask for and receive feedback from them on this information, as communication is two-way.

You facilitate the work of the service team with Viber

The chat app is popular and familiar to everyone, including your employees. This means that no training or special skills are needed regarding the use of Viber, because they already know it very well and are aware of its capabilities and functionalities.

We've discussed the undeniable benefits of Viber integration and how it improves Customer Service for businesses. Now we're going to share 5 tips to improve your real-time communication with customers. By following and complying with those tips, you will make your Customer Service more appealing, efficient and engaging for the clients.

5 Tips for Effective Communication with Customers

  1. Make it personal - Address your customers by name and use personal pronouns when appropriate. This will help you build a more personal relationship when communicating.
  2. Be responsive - Customers appreciate when they get quick response from the service team regarding their cases and inquires. Make sure you respond to messages received in a timely manner. Even immediately when possible.
  3. Be clear and concise - When communicating with customers, be specific in your answers and don't get into too much detail. This will help you avoid confusion on their part and make communication more effective.
  4. Use the multimedia benefits of Viber - Through Viber's multimedia capabilities, you give your customers the option to send you an image, video, or other file that would help resolve their case faster or handle their inquiry more accurately. This is a plus for both sides, as clients are used to sharing photos, stickers, etc. in their personal communication with each other, as proven by these two statistics:

    viber for cs media

  5. Demonstrate initiative - With Viber, both a customer can contact you and you can contact them. If you have any products or services that you think are relevant, feel free to "jump in" and offer them. This is how you show that you know the client’s interests and desires.


Viber is truly an excellent choice and essential tool for businesses with a focus on Customer Service and its improvement. By staying in touch with your customers and providing them with the information they need in a timely manner, you positively impact the user experience and the building of customer loyalty.

CRM, Call Center and Helpdesk solution InfoSer CRM features Viber integration as part of its arsenal of communication channels. In combination with the other functionalities of the system, the two work in perfect symbiosis to increase the quality of Customer Service.

Learn more about the benefits and capabilities of Viber integration and request a free demo HERE.


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