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Differentiate your company with actual quality customer service

Support your Customer Service Activities with InfoServ CRM

Improve your customers satisfaction and keep your loyal customers by providing exceptional customer service and support. Equip your support team with effective tools to know their customers, track and record customer issues, maintain service activities and manage customer service contracts.

360-Degree Customer View

What goes into a happy customer experience? – Competent service representatives and PERSONALIZATION! So, get to know your customers! Make every one of them feel acknowledged, appreciated, and heard.

InfoServ’s customer profiles support 360-Degree Customer View. It combines in a single screen all your customer related data - contact details, products purchased, documents, phone calls, invoices sent, sent and received e-mails, web chat transcripts, filled-in communication forms, related meetings and tasks etc. The customer profile can contain information about types of products purchased, subscription based customer service details (expiration date, service level, etc.), info about past communication - meetings, calls, e-mails, support issues raised and how they were resolved, etc. With a 360-degree view at hand Support reps can maximize customers’ experience while making the interaction as effective and efficient as possible. All client-related information combines with InfoServ CRM’s reporting features are a powerful tool in the hands on Customer Service managers.

Unified Communication Platform

InfoServ CRM combines most commonly used business communication channels into one unified platform. At present our platform supports: in- and outbound phone calls, in- and outbound e-mails, web chat, as well as outbound phone calls initiated from InfoServ’s mobile app. InfoServ will automatically login your communication together with the voice recording of your phone calls, the content of your e-mail , the transcript of your web chat, or filled-in custom contact forms into your customers' profiles. Communicate directly from InfoServ CRM and you will never have to log communication history by hand again.


Create your own personalized dashboard. InfoServ® Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your company’s business activity. It comprises of different types of charts and report numbers personalized to the user‘s needs to provide a quick and easy overview of current business performance. Visualize your open customer cases and track their progress. Drill down each number in your dashboard and find out what constitutes it.

Knowledge Base and FAQ

Differentiate your company from the competition and win over new customers by providing great customer service. One way is to personalize your communication with your customers, the other – is by ensuring competent customer representatives. The quality of the response matters much (if not) more to your customers than its timeliness. Knowledge of the product is more important than speed when servicing a customer, so help your reps get it right the first time, every time. One way to achieve that is by maintaining an in-house knowledge base with the most common issues, their usual solutions, as well as answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by clients. InfoServ CRM allows you to manage your own internal knowledge base and have your service reps use it to respond promptly and accurately to customer issues and thus increase trust in your products, bolster customer satisfaction and sales, thus proving the notion that customer service should be seen not as a cost but as a sales opportunity.

Built-in Task Management System

Task management is very important among employees and their managers because it helps them become more productive; encourages them to delegate; and enables them to differentiate between tasks by using priorities and deadlines. InfoServ CRM comes with a built-in Task Management System which allows users to maintain To-Do Lists of tasks, delegate tasks to individual or group of users, track progress, set task deadlines and reminders. Each task has a Status, Priority, Deadline, Executors, as well as all related to the task communication (phone calls, notes, filled-in customer service forms, e-mails, web chat transcripts etc.). Track Task progress with a standard Task Management Report including filters on Priority, Type, Status, Creator, Executor, etc.

Ticket Management and Customer Support Forms

Use InfoServ CRM’s built-in Ticket Management system to track raised customer support issues progress and resolutions. In combination with Customer Support Forms you will be able to describe in details what the issue is about, all related with the issue technical details (e.g., operating system, database, screen resolution, etc.) and later analyze all support related issues with InfoServ Report Generator and aggregate results related to customer service reps productivity as well as reports and dependencies related to the issues resolved.

Customer Service Reports & Analytics

InfoServ® comes equipped with a library of report templates in the areas of marketing, sales, support, etc. And if you don’t find the report you need in our library, we provide you with a user-friendly Report Generator Tool to create it yourself without having to rely on administrators. Reporting has never been easier!

  • Create reports which analyze more than one data type.
  • Perform arithmetical operations (sum, average, minimum, and maximum).
  • Drill down each number in your report to find out what constitutes it.
  • Store one report in different "views" to be able to look at one and the same dataset from different angles.
  • Store reports as templates for future use.
  • Share or restrict access to reports.
  • Save reports into various user-friendly formats such as PDF, HTML, XLS and CSV.

Use reports to generate contact lists and add them into an e-mail campaign with ease.